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Cryptocurrency tutorial

 What is cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money, where all transactions between users are permanently stored in so-called "blockchain", where blocks containing transaction records are tied together cryptographically, so the blockchain can not be altered in any way. In addition to its permanently saved state, full blockchain is stored on each user's computer, which makes it decentralised and further protected from any attempt to alter it. That makes cryptocurrencies secure as a form of exchange and store of value. There are more benefits to cryptocurrencies, which can take long to describe.

 Which cryptocurrency to use

There are already hundreds of them, but you don't need them all. The main and most popular ones are few. Most well-known is, of course, the famous Bitcoin, which is de-facto number one cryptocurrency on the planet.
If you want to use any other cryptocurrency, you will still need to buy Bitcoin first and then exchange it to the digital coin of your choice. Why choose other coins? Well, you may choose Litecoin if you want faster transactions, or Dash if you prefer complete anonymity, and so on. Different cryptocurrencies offer different benefits.

 Where to start

You start by installing digital wallet to store crypto coins in. Download it from coin's official site. In case of Bitcoin it's
Electrum is recommended choice for a desktop Bitcoin wallet. It's easy to use and fast because it doesn't store the full blockchain on user's pc and therefore doesn't need to synchronise with its current state at startup.
After you install the wallet, it automatically creates your address on the blockchain (it is a string of random characters looking like 1BH1VrSPkzpp5fLhHvsMGfQSRbVjCW8j1L) You use this address to receive digital money to your wallet.

 How to buy cryptocurrency

After you've installed the wallet, you'll need to register at one of the many Bitcoin exchanges. One of the most well-known is crypto exchange called Coinbase. There are many more exchanges, but not every exchange allows you to buy Bitcoin for real money, most of them trade digital assets only. If the exchange sells Bitcoin for real money, and especially if it allows you to pay with credit card, you may have to confirm your identity.
You can also find a local bitcoin seller and choose among many payment methods on another very popular website Local Bitcoins.

Here is an up to date and reliable list of websites where you can buy Bitcoin with credit card:
Buying Bitcoins with a credit card - 9 exchanges reviewed

Even more information can be found here:
How To Buy Bitcoin Anywhere in The World (Ultimate Guide)

 What next

After you've installed the wallet, bought some Bitcoin at exchange and transferred it to your wallet, you're all set! You can buy clips instantly with just a few clicks (or taps, if you choose one of the many mobile wallets for your smartphone).
All you need to send Bitcoin (or any other coin) is:

Scan a QR-code on a payment page with your phone (or copy and paste the address to your desktop wallet)

Send the exact amount of crypto coins as shown in the payment box and wait for the confirmation to appear

Click the button at the bottom of the page, which says "I have already sent Bitcoins".

The link will become active and you will be able to download the clip.

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